Political Science



To impart the value education, to create awareness among people about their rights and duties, to promote good administration and governance in the society.


  • To develop means and ends.
  • To create responsibility and duties among the people.
  • To encourage the student to learn Indian constitution.
  • To create awareness about human rights and their values.
  • To abolish gender discrimination, caste, religious and class haterdness.
  • To develop the scientific temperment among citizens of India.
  • To set goal towards woman empowerment.
  • To develop human equalities among people.

Unique Policies of the Department:

  1. The Department of Political Science is organized to develop skills and scientific knowledge through quality education.
  2. Use of articles,  amendments, plans and policies to find out remedies for maladies in the society.
  3. Prepare the students to know about the important civil codes.
  4. Assistance to  students to develop their inner potentials and skills.
  5. To make students to uphold human responsibilities, duties, mutual aid and harmony.
  6. To make students to struggle for noble values.
  7. To conduct mock elections and parliament to know the structure of administration.

 About the Department:

The Department of Political Science came into existence in 1950 with the strength of just 30 students. Since its inception, the department is attracting more and more students through conducting curricular and co-curricular activities effectively. The strength of the students has been increasing year by year.

          The Department of Political Science has been there since the inception of College. Prof.A.M.Rajshekhariah and Prof.Vishwanath led the department very successfully till their retirement. Later on, Prof. Elakoti and Prof. N.P.Lingana Goud served in the department for more than 28 years.  They contributed very good citizens to the society by their rich knowledge and experience.  At present, Dr.S.B.Jogalekar and Smt.Basamma are working in the department.

        Political Science in one of the oldest social sciences.  It has become poupular at various levels - regional, national and international. This discipline plays a key role in plans and policies of the Government. We are happy to state that many of our students have attained success in civil service examinations. This indicates the increasing importance of the subject.

    The H.R.D. Ministry, Government of India has introduced Indian Constitution as compulsory paper at degree programmes including medical and engineering sciences.  In depth knowledge about Indian constitution is imparted to the students of all streams.  The faculty in the department take keen intrest in creating awareness about human rights.  Classical works, reference books, periodicals, journals etc. related to Political Science are kept in Central Library for students reference. You can opt Political Science at degree to make your future bright.

About Faculty:-

Sri Revena Siddappa, Assistant Professor.


















Contact Address

Veerashaiva College

08392 - 242185 / 242183
    08392 - 242183
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