Life Sciences Departments (Botany, Zoology and Bio-Technology)

        Department of Zoology and Botany was established in 1950 and at was running in the same room till up to 1952. Smt.Leelavathi was the first Head of the department and  established with well equiped laboratory. Our Department laboratory collected rare spencimens and some fossils which provides knowledge for different spencimens and the  Department of Zoology got separated with a new laboratory and staff room in 1952. At present Sri.W.Sharanappa is H.O.D. of Botany and Sri. G.Mallana Goud is H.O.D. of Zoology. In 2005 One of the subjects of Life Sciences, Bio-Technology was introduced in the year 2005. Dr.F.C.Hosur, was the Coordinator of Bio-Technology Department at its inception. Later on Mrs.K.Anuradha was appointed as full time lecturer and at present Head of the Department.


  1. Giving Research oriented knowledge to the pupils by involving them in seminars, workshops, conferences etc.
  2. Conducting educational tour to the various places to gain the knowledge of habit and habitat of the wild life.
  3. Giving exposure to the students by visiting Indian institute of Science, Dairy Industries, Fisheries, Poultry Farms, Zoo, Sancturies and Bio-Technology Research Centres etc. 
  4. To create awareness of INSITU conservation of wild life.
  5. Students are exposed to cultivate the habit of culturing the useful bacteria in the labs.
  6. DNA identification tests are conducted within the provided facilities for the purpose of students understanding.

Contact Address

Veerashaiva College

08392 - 242185 / 242183
    08392 - 242183
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