English Department

            The Department of English was established in the Pre–Independence era (1945). Great professors like Sri.C.Gopala Krishna Murthy and Sri.P.Satyanarayana Rao have fostered and enriched the image of the Department with their dedicated and vibrant spirit of serving the student community.

            The Alumni of the Department has occupied high positions in society in India and abroad. The department in course of time, sensing the pulse of demand in society, introduced ‘Optional English Course’ in B.A. programme in 1982.

            The Department, through Basic English, teaches and trains the learners in communication skills which are very much needed for the employability in corporate sector and in other fields.

            Through the Optional English Course, the Department imparts life skills, social and ethical values in order to enjoy life with aesthetic pleasures.

            At present, the Department is headed by Dr. B.O.Satyanaraya Reddy along with three other staff:Ms.Evangeline Nerella,        Mr. A. Mallikarjunappa and Mr. P. Mastanappa.

            The Department can assure those who join it will be given individual attention to improve the language and literary potentialities.


Quality Policy of th Department:-

  1. Giving exposure to learners by inviting the experienced people from the related branches of knowledge.
  2. Encouraging independent thinking and learning by providing opportunities.
  3. Giving research sensitization to learners by involving them in seminars, conferences, workshops etc.






























Contact Address

Veerashaiva College

08392 - 242185 / 242183
    08392 - 242183
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