VSC Yoga Centre


Veerashaiva College has been contributing in vivid way to the overall development of the student community. In Addition to the specified activities, other initiatives are made to inculcate spiritualism among students and to reduce their metal strain and stress. In this direction, a Yoga Centre is opened by the College Authority for the benefit of the students. The Yoga Teachers are invited to teach about the historical background and importance of Yoga.

We are happy to say that after initiating this activity in our College, most of the students practice Yoga regularly in their houses. Yoga primarily improves the memory power of students.

Health is not merely a state of physical fitness. Contrary to it, it is a state of condition where in man is physically, spiritually, socially and mentally peaceful. Yoga is a method of achieving coordination between body, mind, intelligence and soul. It could increase physical and psychological capacity of person and enhances his resistance power. In fact, Yoga is an important means for attaining fearless, worry free and healthy life. We can root out sorrows, pains and peace less situations in society.


To make students to grow mentally and spiritually healthy and to attain mental peace, to improve memory power and to accelerate their performance in study. 


  • To motivate students to join for Yoga.
  • To assist the students to get relief from mental stress and strain.
  • To contribute for the popularity of Yoga by organizing lectures and conducting practical yoga classes.
  • To produce Yoga teachers.
  • To make Yoga an integral part of life activity.
  • To spread the messages of Yoga.
  • To reduce mental conflict and ambiguity.
  • To wake up the internal power of man.

About the Yoga Teachers:

Mr.Ishvi Pampapathi is In-charge of Yoga centre. He has served as a Yoga teacher for a long period in Ballari district. At present, he is the President of Bellary Patanjali Yoga Centre. He has rich experience in the field of Yoga. He has attended several Yoga programmes conducted at State and National level. Mr.M.Manjunath, Asst. Yoga Teacher & Member of Bharat Swabhiman Trust is also assisting him.

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Yoga for NCC Students

Celebration of International Yoga Day - 21/06/2015

Yoga Sibira - 25/01/2016

Contact Address

Veerashaiva College

08392 - 242185 / 242183
    08392 - 242183
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