Research Development Council (R.D.C.)

Research Development Council

Dr.K.C. SAJJAN, Director,

Dr. B.Nagaraj Reddy - Member, Dr.Ravikumar Naik - Member, Sri.G.Manohar - Member, Dr.Srinivas - Member.

About RDC:

Research has become soul breath of the present era. It has extended its wings to all corners of life. Teaching at different levels is becoming research related and it is more meaningful and applicable at Higher Education Institutes (H.E.I.s). The research results are boons to mankind to face the challenges of life and realize the significance of research.

            Research Development Council was established at the beginning of 2011. Earlier, there was a ‘Research Forum’ functioning in the College for the development of research activities. It was renamed as RDC to function as a constituent Council of IQAC in 2011. The constitution of RDC is as follows:-


            To sensitize the learners with research attitude and aptitude so as to make the study meaningful in a practical way by contributing to the development of society and to directly address the social problems and also to add to the National integrity.


  1. To boost up the research activities.
  2. To create awareness among staff and students.
  3. To increase the stock of research material.
  4. To interact with other research organizations.
  5. To make the research results reach the public.


  1. Organizing Research Programmes.
  2. Encouraging the staff and students to take part in the research activities off the campus.
  3. Entrusting survey and project works to the group of students with staff as guides.
  4. Providing input material for writing research papers.
  5. Making the information of ongoing research activities at other HEIS available.
  6. Recommending the papers written for publication.
  7. Publishing the research outputs at the Institutional level.
  8. Providing assistance to the staff engaged in Research – M.R.P and others.
  9. Arranging Research – Oriented talks.
  10. Preparing the Annual Report and submitting to IQAC.


Dr. K.C. Sajjan - Publications, Papers Presented & Conferences Attended





Research Guides and Activities

Details of UGC sponsored Minor Research Projects


1. Dr. GURURAJ.K.NIPPANI - "An Analytical Survey and Critical Estimate of the Unique Contribution of Vadiraja to the Indian     

                                                    Philosophy, Language and Literature." - A Brief Summary

2. Dr. S.B. JOGALEKAR   - "Who needs Human Rights and How to create an Ideal Society." - Report

3. Sri. W. SHARANAPPA  - "Phyto Chemical Evaluation of Rare and Endemic Medicinal Plants of Sandur Forests." - Summary

4. Dr. B.R. GADAGIN      - "Information Literacy Programmes and Practices in Higher Educational Institutions of Hyderabad- 

                                               Karnataka Region:A Survey." - An Executive Summary

5. Dr. K.C. SAJJAN       -  "Synthesis, Characterization and Electrical Conductivity of conducting Polymer(Polyaniline) and Design &

                                            Development of Humidity Sensor setup for Sensor applications using conducting Polymer Nano

                                            Composites." - Summary                                                        

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