PTA Meeting Report


Veerashaiva College, Ballari

Parents and Teachers Association

Report of Online Meeting held on 02.06.2020


Parents and Teachers Meeting is conducted successfully on 02.06.2020 from 10.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M. Totally, 562 parents and students participated in the meeting and discussed their problems and grievances with the teachers of different subjects over mobile phones / Zoom Apps and also collected information about the academic progress of their wards. This meeting responded appropriately to the parents who have developed misconceptions, caught in a state of confusion due to the spread of certain rumours and worried much about the carrier of their sons and daughters   during lock down. It has convinced the parents with facts and assured supportive services. The teachers received calls without any break one by one till 12.00 P.M. The meeting arranged by PTA as per the advice of IQAC enhanced the self confidence of both the teachers and parents. Every doubt is clarified with appropriate information. Almost all parents enquired about certain common issues such as;

  1. Last date for the payment of examination fees, category wise fee structure and submission of application including challan copy etc.
  2. Keeping sanitizer in class rooms and examinations for the use of students before and after the examinations. They also requested the management to use thermometers during examination.
  3. Parents also enquired about extension of Bus Pass facility till the end of examinations of all the semesters. They requested for this facility as most of the students come to college in public vehicles.
  4. Some of the parents sought information with regard to the announcement of exam time table and the possible beginning date of examinations.
  5. Enquired about the nature of project work and guidelines framed by VSK University, Ballari for field work.

The teachers have clarified all the doubts of parents with appropriate information. They also appraised about academic progress of the students and marks secured in the last TEE and in first internal test of the current semester. At the end of the meeting, the convener of PTA Prof.W.Sharanappa expressed deep sense of gratitude to all the parents for joining online meeting and sharing information about the activities of their wards and also thanked teachers for showing a big amount of interest for the smooth conduct of deliberations during online PTA meeting.




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