E-Webinar National Seminar by the dept of PG studies in Zoology


Veerashaiva College, Ballari

Dept of P.G Studies in Zoology and IQAC

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E-webinar national seminar organized under the theme “ Contemporary Prospective in Modern Zoology COVID 19 World “ was inaugurated by hon’ble vice chancellor of VSK University Prof Siddu P Algur on 01.06.2020. While addressing the participants he emphasised about how the pandemic COVID 19 disturbed the entire system of life of the globe. The undesirable harmful happenings on the earth are causing irreparable damage to human world can solely be attributed to anti nature and artificial luxurious way of life preferred by modern man, he pointed out. He suggested that it is a right time for man to prevent further devastation possible to occur by COVID 19 through living in harmony with nature. Before concluding his inaugural speech, he wished for the success of the webinar.

Sri Gonal Rajashekhar Goud, Chairman, Veerashaiva College, Ballari made presidential remarks on this occasion. He said, the COVID 19 which created havoc all over the world posed a sever challenge to medical scientists. Adoption of preventive measures and strict adherence to guidelines can only control the fast increasing rate of positive cases and causalities. The Corona Virus directly affected weaker sections of society whose existence is depended on every day earned wages. He advised to rejuvenate economically productive activities stopped from the first day of lockdown. The mankind may come out from the Jaw of COVID-19 by executing disciplined cautious life. The COVID-19 made infected people to suffer from psychological diseases like , anxiety, depression, mental pressure and ill-health. And others face the problem of socio-economic insecurity apart from fear. The world can attain success in its fight against COVID-19 through organized efforts. Dr Axel Brockmann, German scientist, NCBS, Bangalore, delivered key- note address on the topic “Towards Identifying Molecular Mechanism Underlying Advanced Behavioural Capabilities in Insects”. He pointed that more research needs to be under taken in two major areas such as; i. Molecular Neurobiology of complex behaviour and ii. Comparative biology of honey bees. Human beings cannot identify the functions of honey bees. Honey bee is advantageous for mankind from several points of view, he said.

Prof Ramani Bai, Madras University, Channai, spoke on the topic “Woman’s Prospective in combating COVID-19 in first technical session. She said that women are serving on the front lines against Corona. They are labouring in vivid ways in different capacities to mitigate Corona from the world. However, lockdown situations exacerbated risks of violence, exploitation, harassment of women as noticed in recent crises. She also made recommendations to be considered by all sectors of society, in order to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls during and after the public health crisis. She also covered about the economic impact of the pandemic and its implications for violence against women and girls in the long term. She suggested to rejuvenate economic and educational opportunities particularly for the betterment of women. To avoid the spread of virus it is necessary to maintain social distancing, use of sanitizer frequently, keeping migrants in quarantine for a fixed period. Before concluding her speech she reiterated that policy makers require to respond for women’s unique needs, responsibilities and perspectives. Special attention need to be addressed to reduce exacerbating gender inequalities.

In technical session II, Prof. Muthuchelian, Pro Vice-chancellor, Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore delivered his lecture on how climate change triggered the COVID-19 virus. Deforestation is increasing rapidly in the name of economic development. It led to the loss of habitat. Air pollution has increased the spread of Corona. He also talked about the role of particulate matter in the spread of pathogenic. He recommended certain measures to prevent community spread.

            Dr Vijaykumar, chairman, dept of zoology, VSK University, Ballari spoke on the topic “ Drug Discovery and Development”. Dr V Sreenivas, Co-ordinator, Dept of PG Studies in Zoology , VSC, Ballari delivered a talk on the topic “ Synthetic Approaches In Zoological Studies”. Dr G Rajashekhar, Principal delivered concluding speech. Sri Siddaram G Mulaje, Co-ordinator, IQAC introduced the guests.  

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