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Visit to Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Sridharagadda.

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Three faculty members and 152 students of B Sc-IV semester visited IACR site for agricultural and metrological study on 22/02/2020. Sri Sheshadri, Technical Asst., Metrology Section, delivered a talk on the use of crucial instruments in understanding the variations in climatic conditions. The students obtained information on the following instruments.

1. Anemometer          -           Wind Speed

2. Wind vane              -           Wind Direction

3. Psychomotor         -           Temperature

4. Rain Gauge             -           Rain Measurement

5. Sun shine               -           Recorder

6. Barometer             -           Atmospheric pressure

7. Eva perimeter        -           Water Evaporation

8. Soil Thermometer -          Soil Temperature

The students were also provided information about the measures to be adopted in controlling soil erosion. Watershed management and its importance in recharging ground water are also explained to the students. He focused on the shift of crop pattern and its advantages. This visit helped the staff and students to acquire first hand information through direct observation and participation.

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