A One Day Trip to Study the Diversity of Flora in Sandur



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Department of Botany

A One Day Trip to Study the Diversity of Flora in Sandur

The staff and students of the department of botany visited forest area scattered across the hills surrounded Sandur. The study trip was organized on 15th September 2019 with a view to study diversity of flora and prepares a project report. As a part of it the staff and students visited the forest around Sri Kumaraswamy Temple which is at a distance of 11.k.m from Sandur. This place is situated at an altitude of about 600 meters above the sea level. Due to this geographical distinctiveness the climate in this part is very cool providing suitable habitat for the plants to glow. Large number of Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes and Angiosperms were found in a vast area. The plant species of Algae, Marchantia, Riccia, Plytrichum, Mangifera indica, Carica Papaya, Species of Psydium etc., are identified and studied their features and functions.

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The team of staff and students have also studied medicinal plants naturally grown in conservatory area. The plants found in this area are E.hirta, E.milla, E.Jatropha, Vinca, Nerium, Thevetia, Grape Jasmine, Tactona etc.  After visiting the different fields an interaction was held on an astounding diversity of flora and studied the plants in lively state and in their natural conditions.

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